Story of a Male escort

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Unlike female escorts, male escorts are treated with even more scorn. This is perhaps due to the traditionally accepted Victorian society views on sexuality. A male escort is basically regarded as a male prostitute by the society. The society views them as people who are paid to have sex with women rather than what it actually is- provision of companionship and entertainment services to their client.

I was in the escort business for about a year. I worked in New York. My clientele base comprised of women between the ages of 30-40.  At the time of this job, I was 22 years old. I stumbled into the business rather randomly than planned.

It started as locker room talk where one of my friends asked if anyone was interested in signing up into an escort agency his older cousin was starting. Initially, we all believed escort services were majorly about sex services and it baffled us that some women will pay us for sex.

With our raging hormones, we contacted our friend’s cousin who introduced us into the business. However, the dynamics of the business taught to us  after signing up is not  what we had accepted. She made it clear from the onset that escort services were not sex services, but rather provision of companionship and entertainment services to clients.

Although we were a little bit disappointed, the money was too good not to try it out. My first client was a middle aged Caucasian woman that was in New York for some business conference all the way from Florida. She was a successful businesswoman with a husband and children back home. My job description was to give her company during her short sojourn in New York.

My first experience really changed my hitherto skewed perception on women. I engaged in intellectual conversations with her. I had to be in my A game and therefore I improved in my listening skills, romantic and caring side. This was a turnaround from how I used to treat women mostly as trophies rather than companions.

The greatest lesson is whereby one learns that women need emotional reassurance from their partners rather than just physical companionship. When most of my confidants learnt that I was doing male escort services, their first questions would always be how it was like sleeping with women for money. They could not comprehend the companionship aspect of escort services. I had to school them on the difference between prostitution and escort business. Honestly though, even though in some instances sex actually occurs, the main service that was actually paid for is the companionship and entertainment. The women want to be pampered, showed affection and attention perhaps in order to fill a gap of what is missing back at home. Male escorts turn out to better lovers and husbands than your regular guy.

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