Making a killing in the escort business

Posted by Megan in London Escort

The escort business is one of the most complex careers one can enter. There are usually various challenges for newbies and without someone to guide them, it can be very daunting. Most new comers enter the business unarmed with the basic knowledge requisite to survive in the business.

The greatest misconception of the escort business is perhaps that money made is in direct correlation with how beautiful and attractive the escorts are. While this is true to some degree, that good looks might help jump start one’s career, it is not enough in order to make a successful career off the escort business. As the common saying dictates, beauty is only skin deep. The beauty would have to be flanked with a tinge of brains.

A successful escort will have to learn all the dynamics of the business.  For instance, more work and more clients does not necessarily mean a successful career. There might be short term success in terms of money amassed, but with the burn out that comes with strenuous work schedule, the career may end prematurely. Just like any other job, escorts should take frequent leaves from the business for a repose.

A successful escort must also understand the distinctions between quality and quality. Rather than take a lot of jobs and work around the clock for low rate scale clients, it should be advised that choose a lean clientele base that pays premium charges. The merits of these kind of strategy is that the escort works less but at a higher rate scale.

Freelancing is also a splendid option for escorts. While the surest way of entering the escort business is through pimps and agencies, clients should give themselves a timeframe of working under these agents. The goal should be being their own bosses. In this way, the pay will be higher and the job will also be more flexible.

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