Exotic Escorts

Posted by Megan in London Escort

One of the most asked questions by clients in the escort business is what is exactly meant by the term exotic escorts. This can be attributed to the fact that most escort agency advertisements come tagged with the term. The term originated from Las Vegas, arguably the Sin City of the world and was used to refer to escorts that are not descents of Las Vegas. Basically, this means escorts that don’t belong to the main ethnicities in Las Vegas-Caucasians, blacks and Latinos.

An Asian escort working in Las Vegas would be referred to as exotic. First, this is because she is working in an environment where members of her own ethnicity are in very scarce numbers.  Second is because of the premium charges that attracts such kind of escorts. Clients are usually forced to dig deeper into their pockets if they require services of exotics. The most obvious reason is the supply and demand theorem. They are very few in supply thus the high demand. This will ultimately push their service prices up.

This phenomenon applies to all other demographic settings. A Caucasian woman for instance, working in a largely black community will be exotic and thus fetch more money than the regular local escorts. Clients are attracted to variety and it is this fantasy that exotic clients get to satisfy. They offer something that is not usually in the menu.

The rise of exotic escorts has risen with increase in globalization. During international conferences for instance, the visiting delegations in a particular country get to choose escorts services that are exotic to them in that their ethnicities may be different from what they are accustomed to back home.

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