Escort business vs Prostitution

Posted by Megan in London Escort

There are usually a lot of misconceptions about escort business. The main one is that it is akin to prostitution and that ‘escorts’ is just the politically correct term of referring to prostitutes. Any quick survey along the streets will show this kind of skewed perception about escorts. However, the two are very distinct.  A prostitute refers to someone who sells sexual services in exchange for monetary gains. An escort on the other hand gives companionship and entertainment services to a client at a fee. Although the two terms are interchangeably used around the internet, it is wrong to presume that the two are the same.

Prostitution is illegal in most countries. They strictly forbid selling sex services. Comparatively, escort services are perfectly legal services. Matter of fact, most escort agencies have legal operating licenses. The main reason being that they sell companionship and entertainment services to their clients rather than sex. In the spirit of honesty, even though some escort services end up involving sex, that is basically an add on but the major service that is sold to the client is the companionship of the escort. Sex is not a must.  

Prostitution usually occurs along the streets and brothels. On the other hand, escorts deal with a classier clientele and this involves booking their services. One does not just simply pick up a client in a brothel or a street.  There are formal bookings involved between the client and the escort or the agencies involved.

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