Challenges faced by escorts

Posted by Megan in London Escort

The escort business is one that has still not resonated well the society. Whatsoever society or cultural background one hails from, the profession is still frowned upon. People view escorts as those with loose morals.  This has perhaps jinxed the prospects of the business since most of them work with constant fear of retribution from the society and more specifically law enforcing authorities. However, this shades a picture of a society that is hypocritical in nature because we seem to frown upon the escorts in the day and seek their services in the nights.

Escorts also face great entry-barrier challenges when initially entering the business.  Most clients are pushed into the business out of desperation and as means to survive. With most operations being low key, their inroads into the escorts business usually lands them in the hands of pimps. These pimps usually know the desperation of the escorts and set out to exploit them.  The escorts technically become ‘slaves’ to these pimps. They work but a big chunk of their pay goes into the pockets of these pimps.

Drug addiction is a common problem in the escort business. With shamming of escorts in most societies, most resort to drugs in order to reclaim their sanity. Since most escorts are initially ashamed about the profession they have chosen to undertake, they usually use various drugs to get them going. The downside to these drugs is that the clients end up being addicted to them most of which are very expensive. All the money made in the escort business ends up being used to buy the drugs rather than doing constructive investments in their life. This eventually puts them in a vicious cycle of poverty and dependence of drugs. When they finally burn out and can’t make a livelihood off escort services, they resort to other criminal activities in order to get money to buy drugs.

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