Meeting an Escort by Megan

Be cautious upon arrival. When you arrive at an in-call location, look around. If you see anything suspicious (lots of people walking around, doing maintenance or clean-up, watching you), or get a weird feeling, just walk away. Remember that most hotels do their housekeeping early in the day, and maintenance is rarely done at night. Be safe and smart.

Take your wallet out, and hide it in your car. Do this before you arrive at the location? You don’t want a nefarious person seeing you do this. Only take your cell phone, cash and keys with you. If you have a spare wallet, use that one. You never know if the escort will rip you off and steal your valuables.

Display your money to the escort. When you get inside her in-call location, show her you have the agreed upon amount, and place it clearly on a nightstand or table. This money is only for her time (not for any illegal services). Do not attempt to exchange sex for money. It is against the law.

Check the escort’s legal status. Ask her if she is at least 18, and make sure she has a license to practice escorting in the state that you are in. If she does not answer yes to both of those questions then you are breaking the law. It could be a police officer, or an underage trafficker.

Clean yourself up, if asked. Some escorts may ask you to wash your hands, or even take a shower. Taking a shower could mean she might leave with your money while you’re not looking, so you can say you just took one (you should anyway, before and after). It’s less likely an established escort will run off with your money, so keep that in mind when you’re picking a new girl with no reviews or online history. You may be able to take the cash into the bathroom with you, she may or may not get offended at this. Take your wallet, cell phone and keys into the bathroom.

Get comfortable. Once she sees your donation and knows you’re serious, she should have no problem undressing for you, which is a legal adult activity. However, state laws vary as to what is deemed legal and illegal. Make sure you look up your state’s escort and sex laws beforehand to make sure.

Use escort lingo while talking. Escorts are very careful about how they talk about money, sex, dating etc. They will use code words like “donations” or “girlfriend experience.” Make sure that when you are talking you also use code words. Never come right out and ask for sex, or a sexual act. Use terms like “get comfortable” or “get to know you.”

Leave immediately when your experience is over. This is important, because you do not want the escort to steal your belongings while you are asleep. You also want to leave the in-call location, and move your car, so that no one you know finds out. Remember to leave at different times than your escort. You do not want to leave together.

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Discovering the various services provided by escorts by Megan

In contrast to prostitution, an escort is officially in a profession. It is accepted as a respectable business and there is a lot of money in it. An escort provides her client with companionship for a defined period.

Now it is true that an escort almost always has sex with her client, but there are cases where this doesn’t happen. There are many businessmen who travel to the UK and are in for a short visit for a few days. They don’t always have somebody with them to give them company. Escorts fill this gap by giving them company with some extra services.

They accompany their clients wherever they go such as for parties and other meetings. It is customary to have a female companion with you as a businessman. Prostitutes, of course, offer no such services to their clients. All sexual activities with clients are considered private and not part of the service. Sex takes place with the mutual consent of both parties and it may be paid for or not. Of course, unofficially, the fee always includes an amount for sexual service.

An escort will never walk the streets looking for business and work is carried out in the privacy of her apartment, the clients place or a hotel.

Other services

There are many duties that escorts have other than providing clients with sexual pleasure. Many clients hire escorts for more than just sex. Escorts can be hired for companionship and a friendly ear to voice problems to almost like an agony aunt. A lot of people cannot talk to their families about their stressful lives and so seeing an escort can provide a shoulder to cry on in a time of need.

Escorts are required to be smart and clever, something which isn’t always true of prostitutes. Clients pay escorts to have a really good time when they are with them. Sex is only part of what escorts offer, and this is where prostitutes and escorts differ the most. A prostitute may only engage with her client for a few minutes or hours. However an escort may also accompany her client when he travels.

There are many escorts who even travel abroad with clients under certain conditions. Prostitutes don’t.

Massage Services

Some escorts do not provide sexual services at all. They only offer massages to their clients. Massage parlors are also covered under prostitution laws, and so the escort business is a convenient cover. Of course, those massage services also have an erotic angle, which is why clients pay more for them.

However, technically providing massage to clients is different from providing sex, and this is another area where the escort business differs from the business of prostitution. There are a number of escorts who are paid premium rates because they are excellent masseurs. The benefit that escorts have over prostitutes is that they are the ones who set the terms for clients. They clearly define what they provide and what they do not.


Marketing is an area where escorts have a tremendous advantage over prostitutes. It is simply illegal to advertise your sexual services anywhere. You cannot do it online and you can’t do it on billboards. You are not allowed to do it on telephone poles or any public place.

Now since the escort business is officially all about companionship, advertising and marketing is completely legal in the UK. You can advertise anywhere you want, especially online. This gives an escort a lot of freedom to attract clients.

In fact, most escorts have websites, so that clients can contact them officially and hire their services. Clients can contact escort agencies and book escorts for any length of time. The truth is that such websites attract clients through erotic photos, but since it is escorts that are being advertised and not sex, it is completely legal.

Better Pay

The most decisive difference between prostitutes and escorts is that escorts get paid much, much higher. Escorts offer premium services. They are supposed to be smart, clever and have the ability to keep their clients entertained throughout their appointment.

It might seem that legitimizing prostitution converts it into a highly profitable business. However, to earn high paying clients, requires much more than sex. One needs to look beautiful smart and carry herself well for the clients. When it comes to parties that clients attend, their image depends a lot on how their escorts behave and manage themselves.

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Exotic Escorts by Megan

One of the most asked questions by clients in the escort business is what is exactly meant by the term exotic escorts. This can be attributed to the fact that most escort agency advertisements come tagged with the term. The term originated from Las Vegas, arguably the Sin City of the world and was used to refer to escorts that are not descents of Las Vegas. Basically, this means escorts that don’t belong to the main ethnicities in Las Vegas-Caucasians, blacks and Latinos.

An Asian escort working in Las Vegas would be referred to as exotic. First, this is because she is working in an environment where members of her own ethnicity are in very scarce numbers.  Second is because of the premium charges that attracts such kind of escorts. Clients are usually forced to dig deeper into their pockets if they require services of exotics. The most obvious reason is the supply and demand theorem. They are very few in supply thus the high demand. This will ultimately push their service prices up.

This phenomenon applies to all other demographic settings. A Caucasian woman for instance, working in a largely black community will be exotic and thus fetch more money than the regular local escorts. Clients are attracted to variety and it is this fantasy that exotic clients get to satisfy. They offer something that is not usually in the menu.

The rise of exotic escorts has risen with increase in globalization. During international conferences for instance, the visiting delegations in a particular country get to choose escorts services that are exotic to them in that their ethnicities may be different from what they are accustomed to back home.

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Challenges faced by escorts by Megan

The escort business is one that has still not resonated well the society. Whatsoever society or cultural background one hails from, the profession is still frowned upon. People view escorts as those with loose morals.  This has perhaps jinxed the prospects of the business since most of them work with constant fear of retribution from the society and more specifically law enforcing authorities. However, this shades a picture of a society that is hypocritical in nature because we seem to frown upon the escorts in the day and seek their services in the nights.

Escorts also face great entry-barrier challenges when initially entering the business.  Most clients are pushed into the business out of desperation and as means to survive. With most operations being low key, their inroads into the escorts business usually lands them in the hands of pimps. These pimps usually know the desperation of the escorts and set out to exploit them.  The escorts technically become ‘slaves’ to these pimps. They work but a big chunk of their pay goes into the pockets of these pimps.

Drug addiction is a common problem in the escort business. With shamming of escorts in most societies, most resort to drugs in order to reclaim their sanity. Since most escorts are initially ashamed about the profession they have chosen to undertake, they usually use various drugs to get them going. The downside to these drugs is that the clients end up being addicted to them most of which are very expensive. All the money made in the escort business ends up being used to buy the drugs rather than doing constructive investments in their life. This eventually puts them in a vicious cycle of poverty and dependence of drugs. When they finally burn out and can’t make a livelihood off escort services, they resort to other criminal activities in order to get money to buy drugs.

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Escort business vs Prostitution by Megan

There are usually a lot of misconceptions about escort business. The main one is that it is akin to prostitution and that ‘escorts’ is just the politically correct term of referring to prostitutes. Any quick survey along the streets will show this kind of skewed perception about escorts. However, the two are very distinct.  A prostitute refers to someone who sells sexual services in exchange for monetary gains. An escort on the other hand gives companionship and entertainment services to a client at a fee. Although the two terms are interchangeably used around the internet, it is wrong to presume that the two are the same.

Prostitution is illegal in most countries. They strictly forbid selling sex services. Comparatively, escort services are perfectly legal services. Matter of fact, most escort agencies have legal operating licenses. The main reason being that they sell companionship and entertainment services to their clients rather than sex. In the spirit of honesty, even though some escort services end up involving sex, that is basically an add on but the major service that is sold to the client is the companionship of the escort. Sex is not a must.  

Prostitution usually occurs along the streets and brothels. On the other hand, escorts deal with a classier clientele and this involves booking their services. One does not just simply pick up a client in a brothel or a street.  There are formal bookings involved between the client and the escort or the agencies involved.

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Making a killing in the escort business by Megan

The escort business is one of the most complex careers one can enter. There are usually various challenges for newbies and without someone to guide them, it can be very daunting. Most new comers enter the business unarmed with the basic knowledge requisite to survive in the business.

The greatest misconception of the escort business is perhaps that money made is in direct correlation with how beautiful and attractive the escorts are. While this is true to some degree, that good looks might help jump start one’s career, it is not enough in order to make a successful career off the escort business. As the common saying dictates, beauty is only skin deep. The beauty would have to be flanked with a tinge of brains.

A successful escort will have to learn all the dynamics of the business.  For instance, more work and more clients does not necessarily mean a successful career. There might be short term success in terms of money amassed, but with the burn out that comes with strenuous work schedule, the career may end prematurely. Just like any other job, escorts should take frequent leaves from the business for a repose.

A successful escort must also understand the distinctions between quality and quality. Rather than take a lot of jobs and work around the clock for low rate scale clients, it should be advised that choose a lean clientele base that pays premium charges. The merits of these kind of strategy is that the escort works less but at a higher rate scale.

Freelancing is also a splendid option for escorts. While the surest way of entering the escort business is through pimps and agencies, clients should give themselves a timeframe of working under these agents. The goal should be being their own bosses. In this way, the pay will be higher and the job will also be more flexible.

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Story of a Male escort by Megan

Unlike female escorts, male escorts are treated with even more scorn. This is perhaps due to the traditionally accepted Victorian society views on sexuality. A male escort is basically regarded as a male prostitute by the society. The society views them as people who are paid to have sex with women rather than what it actually is- provision of companionship and entertainment services to their client.

I was in the escort business for about a year. I worked in New York. My clientele base comprised of women between the ages of 30-40.  At the time of this job, I was 22 years old. I stumbled into the business rather randomly than planned.

It started as locker room talk where one of my friends asked if anyone was interested in signing up into an escort agency his older cousin was starting. Initially, we all believed escort services were majorly about sex services and it baffled us that some women will pay us for sex.

With our raging hormones, we contacted our friend’s cousin who introduced us into the business. However, the dynamics of the business taught to us  after signing up is not  what we had accepted. She made it clear from the onset that escort services were not sex services, but rather provision of companionship and entertainment services to clients.

Although we were a little bit disappointed, the money was too good not to try it out. My first client was a middle aged Caucasian woman that was in New York for some business conference all the way from Florida. She was a successful businesswoman with a husband and children back home. My job description was to give her company during her short sojourn in New York.

My first experience really changed my hitherto skewed perception on women. I engaged in intellectual conversations with her. I had to be in my A game and therefore I improved in my listening skills, romantic and caring side. This was a turnaround from how I used to treat women mostly as trophies rather than companions.

The greatest lesson is whereby one learns that women need emotional reassurance from their partners rather than just physical companionship. When most of my confidants learnt that I was doing male escort services, their first questions would always be how it was like sleeping with women for money. They could not comprehend the companionship aspect of escort services. I had to school them on the difference between prostitution and escort business. Honestly though, even though in some instances sex actually occurs, the main service that was actually paid for is the companionship and entertainment. The women want to be pampered, showed affection and attention perhaps in order to fill a gap of what is missing back at home. Male escorts turn out to better lovers and husbands than your regular guy.

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